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The footprint of our assets is multi-generational and so is our commitment to maintaining positive relationships with 土著 groups for the duration of our activities.

整个北美, we work with 土著 groups to identify their needs and interests for 社区 legacy initiatives. We support 社区-led initiatives including safety equipment and safety programs, 应急准备, 太阳舞, 战俘余, 梅蒂斯人的节日, 早餐项目, 文化/语言保存, 长老项目, 栖息地的保护, 物种保护及其他.

Scholarship program began in 1982 with more than $36,500 awarded to 土著 stu每年凹陷
投资了5美元.5M+ to support more than 580 土著 partners and students and over 670 initiatives across North America in 2022


申请资助 to support 社区-led initiatives that support your 土著 groups’ needs and aspirations.


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我们支持土著群体以社区为主导的关注安全的倡议, 社区, 环境,教育和培训.

icon-blue-safety.png  安全

Ensuring emergency personnel are trained and equipped to respond quickly and effectively to their local needs is our priority. We work with communities to understand how we can support their safety initiatives, 包括应急准备, 事故预防和教育培训.


  • 安全票培训
  • 应急准备
  • 设备采购
  • 管道施工安全
  • 在第一时间作出回应
  • 公众意识

蓝色安全图标  社区

我们资助以社区为主导的倡议,支持他们的需求和愿望. 这包括文化保护和社区活动.


  • 社区活动和庆祝活动
  • 文化与语言
  • 土著居民的健康和福利
  • 体育及康乐
  • 文化项目
  • 青年领袖计划
  • 长者活动及支援
  • 传统知识转移
  • 管理支持
  • 基础设施

蓝色环境图标  环境

可持续发展的未来从今天开始. We invest in 社区 and regional environmental initiatives that build strong tomorrows. We work with 土著 groups to conserve important habitat and protect species at risk and the environment.


  • 环境管理培训计划
  • 濒危保护物种
  • 传统的土地利用方案
  • 青少年户外和环境项目
  • 环境管理和保护
  • 保护水道、流域、水生生境等.

蓝色环境图标  教育和培训

We work with 土著 groups to build the skills and capacity required to access employment and further education. 这包括支持技能发展和技能培训的基础教育项目 TC能源奖学金.


  • 幼儿发展
  • 继续参加学校项目
  • 语言文化教育
  • 识字和算术课程
  • 家庭作业和辅导项目
  • 高中升级
  • 驾驶员培训工作
  • 行业、安全和职业技能培训
  • 供应商/业务能力建设


Our scholarship program encourages the next generation of 社区 leaders by investing in education and training programs that build a strong and skilled workforce for the future. 在2022年,我们颁发了800多个奖学金,总价值超过2加元.100万给北美的推荐全球十大赌博靠谱平台.


满足内森, a member of the Blood Tribe and a recipient of the 土著 Legacy Scholarship recipient. Learn more about how Nathan found renewed purpose and momentum in his return to school.

Meet Loretta, a member of Bigstone Cree Nation and a recipient of the 土著 Legacy Scholarship. Learn more about how Loretta embarked on an academic journey that led her to rediscover and forge deeper connections with her cultural roots.

tc-case-study-link-blue.png 案例研究:投资于北美的强大社区


A critical 社区 in the energy industry known as “The Pipeline Crossroads of the World,“库欣, Oklahoma is a culturally rich region home to many 土著 groups—and an annual fall festival called Native Fest that brings everyone together.

为了庆祝美国土著文化,TC能源公司 每年举办的土著节 since its inception in 2015 as part of our ongoing commitment to building meaningful relationships with 土著 groups.

赋予Alexis Nakota苏族部落的年轻人权力

以精神为基础, 情感和传统的教导, the Young Women’s Wiyami program at Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation provides young women with the knowledge to make healthy and empowering life choices for themselves and their families. 这个项目, 由TC能源赞助,为期两年, 持续三个月, 一年两次,包括营养课程, 金融知识, 传统的缝纫和斯通尼语. 随着项目的成功, in 2019, 该计划向所有感兴趣的国家成员开放.


Nestled among the Sierra Madre mountains is one of Mexico’s most expansive pipeline systems. 该地区也是众多拉穆里社区的家园. 作为我们在该地区正在进行的工作的一部分, 我们举办了一个土著文化节,聚集了超过1人,200名Raramuri社区成员展示他们的音乐, 食物, 工艺品. 社区 members also had an opportunity to learn about different aspects of pipeline construction and safety standards through interactive games and audiovisual experiences at the TC能源 booth.

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